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Pronunciation of Trotted: Learn how to pronounce Trotted in English correctly

Learn how to say Trotted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word trot:

verb (trots, trotting, trotted)
1(with reference to a horse or other quadruped) proceed or cause to proceed at a pace faster than a walk, lifting each diagonal pair of legs alternately:
[no object]:
the horses trotted slowly through the night
[with object]:
he trotted his horse forward
2 [no object, with adverbial of direction] (of a person) run at a moderate pace with short steps:
the child trotted across to her obediently
informal go or walk briskly:
I may trot round to Portobello market for vegetables
1a trotting pace:
our horses slowed to a trot
an act or period of trotting:
you might like an early morning trot round the crew deck
(the trots) Australian/NZ informal trotting races:
she was taking me to the trots
2 (the trots) informal diarrhoea.
3 [with adjective] Australian/NZ informal a period of luck of a specified kind:
Simpson believes his bad trot is about to end

on the trot
1British in succession:
they lost seven matches on the trot
2continually busy:
I’ve been on the trot all day
Phrasal Verbs

trot something out
informal provide an explanation or piece of information that has already been used many times before:
everyone trots out the old excuse

Middle English: from Old French trot (noun), troter (verb), from medieval Latin trottare, of Germanic origin