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Pronunciation of Manage: Learn how to pronounce Manage in English correctly

Learn how to say Manage correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word manage:

verb (mainly transitive)
(also intransitive) to be in charge (of); administer ⇒ to manage one’s affairs, to manage a shop
to succeed in being able (to do something) despite obstacles; contrive ⇒ did you manage to go to sleep?
to have room, time, etc, for ⇒ can you manage dinner tomorrow?
to exercise control or domination over, often in a tactful or guileful manner
(intransitive) to contrive to carry on despite difficulties, esp financial ones ⇒ he managed quite well on very little money
to wield or handle (a weapon)
(rare) to be frugal in the use of
an archaic word for manège