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How to Pronounce Imprints: Learn how to pronounce Imprints in English correctly

Learn how to say Imprints correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word imprint:

Pronunciation: /ɪmˈprɪnt/

1 [with object] impress or stamp (a mark or outline) on a surface:
tyre marks were imprinted in the snow
make an impression or mark on:
clothes imprinted with the logos of sports teams
fix (an idea) firmly in someone’s mind:
he’d always have this ghastly image imprinted on his mind
2 [no object] (imprint on) Zoology (of a young animal) come to recognize (another animal, person, or thing) as a parent or other object of habitual trust:
the bird thought I was its mother and imprinted on me
goslings will imprint themselves on inanimate objects such as a cardboard box
Pronunciation: /ˈɪmprɪnt/

1a mark or outline made by pressing something on to a softer substance:
he made imprints of the keys in bars of soap
a lasting effect:
years in the colonies had left their imprint
2a printer’s or publisher’s name, address, and other details in a book or other publication.
a brand name under which books are published, typically the name of a former publishing house that is now part of a larger group:
the group will continue to market its products through its established imprints

late Middle English (originally as emprint): from Old French empreinter, based on Latin imprimere, from in- ‘into’ + premere ‘to press’