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How to Pronounce Equated: Learn how to pronounce Equated in English correctly

Learn how to say Equated correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word equate:

[with object] (often equate something to/with)
consider (one thing) to be the same as or equivalent to another:
customers equate their name with quality
[no object] (equate to/with) (of one thing) be the same as or equivalent to (another):
that sum equates to half a million pounds today
cause (two or more things) to be the same in quantity or value:
the level of prices will move to equate supply and demand



Middle English (in the sense ‘make equal, balance’): from Latin aequat- ‘made level or equal’, from the verb aequare, from aequus (see equal). Current senses date from the mid 19th century