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Pronunciation of Creep: Learn how to pronounce Creep in English correctly

Learn how to say Creep correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word creep:

verb (past and past participle crept /krɛpt/)
[no object]
1 [usually with adverbial of direction] move slowly and carefully in order to avoid being heard or noticed:
he crept downstairs, hardly making any noise
they were taught how to creep up on an enemy
(of a thing) move very slowly and inexorably:
the fog was creeping up from the marsh
(of a plant) grow along the ground or other surface by means of extending stems or branches:
(as adjective creeping)
tufts of fine leaves grow on creeping rhizomes
(of a plastic solid) undergo gradual deformation under stress.
2 (creep in/into) (of a negative characteristic or fact) occur or develop gradually and almost imperceptibly:
errors crept into his game
(as adjective creeping)
the creeping privatization of the health service
(creep up) increase slowly but steadily in number or amount:
gas prices have been creeping up for a while
1 informal a detestable person:
I thought he was a nasty little creep
a person who behaves obsequiously in the hope of advancement.
2 [mass noun] slow steady movement, especially when imperceptible:
an attempt to prevent this slow creep of costs
the tendency of a car with automatic transmission to move when in gear without the accelerator being pressed:
creep can be useful in slow-moving traffic or when parking
the gradual downward movement of disintegrated rock or soil due to gravity:
stones and earth slowly slip down the slopes by soil creep
the gradual deformation of a plastic solid under stress:
metals and ceramics can also exhibit creep
gradual bulging of the floor of a mine owing to pressure on the pillars:
the mines were unworkable because of creep
3British an opening in a hedge or wall for an animal to pass through:
low in the wall are creeps, through which ewes gain access to grazing from the pastures behind
a feeding enclosure for young animals, with a long, narrow entrance:
young piglets spend most of their time in the creep
4 [mass noun] British solid food given to young farm animals in order to wean them:
we’ve started to wean the lambs earlier and to keep them on creep