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Pronunciation of Caped: Learn how to pronounce Caped in English correctly

Learn how to say Caped correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word cape:

1a sleeveless cloak, typically a short one:
he was wearing a flowing cape
a part of a longer coat or cloak that falls loosely over the shoulders from the neckband:
the robe was decorated with gold lace on the fronts, cape, and hem
2North American the pelt from the head and neck of an animal, for preparation as a hunting trophy:
the hair on a cape for the taxidermist can spoil in warm weather
[with object]
(in bullfighting) taunt (the bull) by flourishing a cape:
the film shows a man expertly caping a charging bull


mid 16th century: from French, from Proven├žal capa, from late Latin cappa ‘covering for the head’