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Pronunciation of Zigzags: Learn how to pronounce Zigzags in English correctly

Learn how to say Zigzags correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word zigzag:

a line or course having abrupt alternate right and left turns:
she traced a zigzag on the metal with her finger
a turn on a zigzag course:
the road descends in a series of sharp zigzags
having the form of a zigzag; veering alternately to right and left:
when chased by a predator, some animals take a zigzag course
so as to move right and left alternately:
she drives zigzag across the city
verb (zigzags, zigzagging, zigzagged)
[no object]
have or move along in a zigzag course:
the path zigzagged between dry rises in the land



early 18th century: from French, from German Zickzack, symbolic of alternation of direction, first applied to fortifications