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Pronunciation of Young Man: Learn how to pronounce Young Man in English correctly

Learn how to say Young Man correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word young:

adjective (younger /ˈjʌŋgə/, youngest /ˈjʌŋgɪst/)
1having lived or existed for only a short time:
a young girl
young tender mint leaves
(as plural noun the young)
the young are amazingly resilient
not as old as the norm or as would be expected:
more people were dying young
[attributive] relating to or consisting of young people:
young love
the local Young Farmers’ club
immature or inexperienced:
she’s very young for her age
having the qualities associated with young people, such as enthusiasm and optimism:
all those who are young at heart
2 (the Younger) used to denote the younger of two people of the same name:
Pitt the Younger
(younger) Scottish denoting the heir of a landed commoner:
Hugh Magnus Macleod, younger of Macleod
[treated as plural]
offspring, especially of an animal before or soon after birth:
many grebes carry their young on their backs

with young

(of an animal) pregnant.



Old English g(e)ong, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch jong and German jung, also to youth; from an Indo-European root shared by Latin juvenis