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Pronunciation of You’d Better: Learn how to pronounce You’d Better in English correctly

Learn how to say You’d Better correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word better:

1more desirable, satisfactory, or effective:
we’re hoping for better weather tomorrow
the new facilities were far better
I’m better at doing sums than Alice
[comparative of the adjective good]
more appropriate, advantageous, or well advised:
there couldn’t be a better time to take up this job
it might be better to borrow the money
2 [predic. or as complement] partly or fully recovered from illness, injury, or mental stress:
his leg was getting better
[comparative of the adjective well1]
more excellently or effectively:
Jonathon could do better if he tried
sound travels better in water than in air
instruments are generally better made these days
to a greater degree; more (used in connection with success or with desirable actions or conditions):
I liked it better when we lived in the country
well-fed people are better able to fight off infection
more suitably, appropriately, or usefully:
the money could be better spent on more urgent cases
1 [mass noun] the better one; that which is better:
the Natural History Museum book is by far the better of the two
you’ve a right to expect better than that
a change for the better
2 (one’s betters) chiefly dated or humorous one’s superiors in social class or ability:
educating the young to respect their elders and betters
[with object]
improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement):
his account can hardly be bettered
bettering his previous time by ten minutes
make (something) better; improve:
his ideas for bettering the lot of the millhands
(better oneself) achieve a higher social position or status:
the residents are mostly Londoners who have bettered themselves
overcome or defeat (someone):
she had almost bettered him at archery