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Pronunciation of Yesterday: Learn how to pronounce Yesterday in English correctly

Learn how to say Yesterday correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word yesterday:

on the day before today:
he returned to a hero’s welcome yesterday
in the recent past:
everything seems to have been built yesterday
the day before today:
yesterday was Tuesday
the recent past:
yesterday’s best-sellers

yesterday morning (or afternoon etc.)

in the morning (or afternoon etc.) of yesterday:
my wife had a baby boy yesterday morning
yesterday’s man

a man, especially a politician, whose career is finished or past its peak:
he was no sooner elected leader than the media dismissed him as yesterday’s man
yesterday’s news

a person or thing that is no longer of interest:
Harry is yesterday’s news, diving down the ratings

Old English giestran dæg (see yester-, day)