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Pronunciation of Yeoman: Learn how to pronounce Yeoman in English correctly

Learn how to say Yeoman correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word yeoman:

noun (plural yeomen)
1 historical a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate; a freeholder.
a person qualified for certain duties and rights, such as to serve on juries and vote for the knight of the shire, by virtue of possessing free land of an annual value of 40 shillings.
2 historical a servant in a royal or noble household, ranking between a sergeant and a groom or a squire and a page.
3 historical a member of the yeomanry force.
4 (also yeoman of signals) (in the Royal and other Commonwealth navies) a petty officer concerned with signalling.
a petty officer in the US navy performing clerical duties on board ship.

yeoman service

efficient or useful help in need:
the minister has performed yeoman service for Mulroney



Middle English: probably from young + man