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Pronunciation of Wrenching: Learn how to pronounce Wrenching in English correctly

Learn how to say Wrenching correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word wrench:

1a sudden violent twist or pull:
with a wrench Tony wriggled free
2a feeling of sadness or distress caused by one’s own or another’s departure:
it will be a real wrench to leave after eight years
3an adjustable tool like a spanner, used for gripping and turning nuts or bolts:
you will need a wrench to tighten it in position
4 Mechanics a combination of a couple with a force along its axis.
[with object]
1pull or twist suddenly and violently:
Casey grabbed the gun and wrenched it from my hand
[with object and complement]:
she wrenched herself free of his grip
injure (a part of the body) as a result of a sudden twisting movement:
she slipped and wrenched her ankle
archaic distort to fit a particular theory or interpretation:
to wrench our Bible to make it fit a misconception of facts
2turn (something, especially a nut or bolt) with a wrench.

late Old English wrencan ‘twist’, of unknown origin