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Pronunciation of Well Received: Learn how to pronounce Well Received in English correctly

Learn how to say Well Received correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word receive:

[with object]
1be given, presented with, or paid (something):
the band will receive a £100,000 advance
she received her prize from the manager
take delivery of (something sent or communicated):
he received fifty enquiries after advertising the job
consent to hear (an oath or confession):
he failed to find a magistrate to receive his oath
buy or accept goods known to be stolen:
he was deprived of his licence for receiving a stolen load of whisky
2suffer, experience, or be subject to (specified treatment):
the event received wide press coverage
she received only cuts and bruises
[with object and adverbial] respond to (something) in a specified way:
her first poem was not well received
meet and have to withstand:
the landward slopes receive the full force of the wind
meet with (a specified reaction):
the rulings have received widespread acceptance
(as adjective received) widely accepted as authoritative or true:
the myths and received wisdom about the country’s past
3greet or welcome (a visitor) formally:
representatives of the club will be received by the Mayor
be visited by:
she was not allowed to receive visitors
admit as a member:
hundreds of converts were received into the Church
4form (an idea or impression) as a result of perception or experience:
the impression she received was one of unhurried leisure
5detect or pick up (broadcast signals):
the systems work by comparing time signals received from different satellites
6serve as a receptacle for:
the basin that receives your blood
provide space or accommodation for:
the remaining lines receive the general rolling stock
7(in tennis and similar games) be the player to whom the server serves (the ball).
8eat or drink (the Eucharistic bread or wine):
he received Communion and left