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Pronunciation of Warding: Learn how to pronounce Warding in English correctly

Learn how to say Warding correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word ward:

1a separate room in a hospital, typically one allocated to a particular type of patient:
a children’s ward
2an administrative division of a city or borough that typically elects and is represented by a councillor or councillors:
the second most marginal ward in Westminster
3a child or young person under the care and control of a guardian appointed by their parents or a court:
for the last three years, the boy has been my ward
[mass noun] archaic the state of being in the care of a guardian:
the ward and care of the Crown
4 (usually wards) any of the internal ridges or bars in a lock which prevent the turning of any key which does not have grooves of corresponding form or size.
the grooves in the bit of a key that correspond to the wards in a lock.
5 [mass noun] archaic the action of keeping a lookout for danger:
I saw them keeping ward at one of those huge gates
6 historical an area of ground enclosed by the encircling walls of a fortress or castle.
[with object]
1admit (a patient) to a hospital ward:
the last of the accident victims was warded
2 archaic guard; protect:
it was his duty to ward the king

ward of court

a child or young person for whom a guardian has been appointed by the Court of Chancery or who has become directly subject to the authority of that court.
Phrasal Verbs

ward someone/thing off

prevent someone or something from harming or affecting one:
she put up a hand as if to ward him off



Old English weard (in ward (sense 5 of the noun), also ‘body of guards’), weardian ‘keep safe, guard’, of Germanic origin; reinforced in Middle English by Old Northern French warde (noun), warder (verb) ‘guard’