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Pronunciation of Walloping: Learn how to pronounce Walloping in English correctly

Learn how to say Walloping correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word wallop:

verb (wallops, walloping, walloped)
[with object]
strike or hit very hard:
they walloped the back of his head with a stick
they were tired of getting walloped with income taxes
heavily defeat (an opponent):
we were walloped by Milan
1a heavy blow or punch:
I gave it a wallop with my boot
[in singular] chiefly North American a powerful effect:
the script packs a wallop
2 [mass noun] British alcoholic drink, especially beer:
an endless supply of free wallop

Middle English (as a noun denoting a horse’s gallop): from Old Northern French walop (noun), waloper (verb), perhaps from a Germanic phrase meaning ‘run well’, from the bases of well1 and leap. Compare with gallop. From ‘gallop’ the senses ‘bubbling noise of a boiling liquid’ and then ‘sound of a clumsy movement’ arose, leading to the current senses