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Pronunciation of Wait And See: Learn how to pronounce Wait And See in English correctly

Learn how to say Wait And See correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word wait:

[no object]
1stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event:
he did not wait for a reply
we’re waiting for Allan to get back
Vera did not wait on a Home Office ruling
[with infinitive]:
Ben stood on the street corner waiting to cross
[with object]:
I had to wait my turn to play
(wait for or on) stay where one is or delay action until (someone) arrives or is ready:
he sits on the corner waiting for Mary
she was waiting on her boyfriend
be left until a later time before being dealt with:
we shall need a statement later, but that will have to wait
[with object] informal defer (a meal) until a person’s arrival:
I told my parents not to wait supper
2remain in readiness for a purpose:
he found the train waiting on the platform
(of a vehicle) be parked for a short time at the side of a road.
3 (cannot wait) used to indicate that one is eagerly impatient to do something or for something to happen:
I can’t wait to tell Nick what happened
4act as a waiter or waitress, serving food and drink:
a local man was employed to wait on them at table
[with object]:
we had to wait tables in the mess hall
1 [in singular] a period of waiting:
we had a long wait
2 (waits) archaic street singers of Christmas carols.
historical official bands of musicians maintained by a city or town.

in wait

watching for an enemy or potential victim and preparing to attack them:
he decided to lie in wait for the thief
wait and see

wait to find out what will happen before doing something:
we will have to wait and see what happens
wait for it

British informal do not act before the proper moment:
patrol—wait for it—halt!
you wait

used to convey a threat or promise:
you wait until your Dad gets in!
Phrasal Verbs

wait on (or upon)

1act as an attendant to:
a maid was appointed to wait on her
archaic pay a respectful visit to:
a deputation had waited upon Lords Salisbury, Redesdale, and Roxburghe
2await the convenience of:
to see the full series, we will have to wait on the BBC
Australian/NZ & Northern English informal refrain from doing something until something else happens:
wait on, I’ve an important message for you
wait up

1not go to bed until someone arrives or something happens:
I’ll be back late. Don’t wait up for me
2North American go more slowly or stop until someone catches up:
the kids bound out of sight, and I shout ‘Wait up!’

Middle English: from Old Northern French waitier, of Germanic origin; related to wake1. Early senses included ‘lie in wait (for’), ‘observe carefully’, and ‘be watchful’