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Pronunciation of Victualed: Learn how to pronounce Victualed in English correctly

Learn how to say Victualed correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word victual:

food or provisions:
turkey and other savoury victuals were served
verb (victuals, victualling, victualled ; US victuals, victualing, victualed)
[with object]
provide with food or other stores:
the ship wasn’t even properly victualled
[no object] archaic obtain or lay in food or other stores:
a voyage of such length, that no ship could victual for
[no object] archaic eat:
victual with me next Saturday

Middle English: from Old French vitaille, from late Latin victualia, neuter plural of Latin victualis, from victus ‘food’; related to vivere ‘to live’. The pronunciation still represents the early spelling vittel; later spelling has been influenced by the Latin form