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Pronunciation of Veratric Acid: Learn how to pronounce Veratric Acid in English correctly

Learn how to say Veratric Acid correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word acid:

1a substance with particular chemical properties including turning litmus red, neutralizing alkalis, and dissolving some metals; typically, a corrosive or sour-tasting liquid of this kind:
trees were exposed to mixtures of heavy metals, acids, and overdoses of nutrients
[mass noun]:
traces of acid
Often contrasted with alkali and base1.
[mass noun] bitter or cutting remarks or tone of voice:
she was unable to quell the acid in her voice
2 Chemistry a molecule or other species which can donate a proton or accept an electron pair in reactions.
3 [mass noun] informal the drug LSD:
she didn’t have a clue the sweet had acid in it
[as modifier]:
a bad acid trip
1containing acid or having the properties of an acid; having a pH of less than 7:
acid soils
Often contrasted with alkaline or basic.
2sharp-tasting or sour:
acid fruit
(of a person’s remarks or tone) bitter or cutting:
she was stung into acid defiance
(of a colour) strikingly intense or bright:
an acid green
3 Geology (of rock, especially lava) containing a relatively high proportion of silica:
the magma may start off fairly basic and end up at the close of the eruption much more acid
Metallurgy relating to or denoting steel-making processes involving silica-rich refractories and slags:
the acid Bessemer process

put the acid on

Australian/NZ informal seek to extract a loan or favour from (someone).
[acid from acid test, referring to possible resistance (because gold resists nitric acid)]



early 17th century (in the sense ‘sour-tasting’): from Latin acidus, from acere ‘be sour’