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Pronunciation of Venusian: Learn how to pronounce Venusian in English correctly

Learn how to say Venusian correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word Venus:

1 Roman Mythology a goddess, worshipped as the goddess of love in classical Rome though apparently a spirit of kitchen gardens in earlier times. Greek equivalent Aphrodite.
(as noun a Venus) literary a beautiful woman.
2 Astronomy the second planet from the sun in the solar system, the brightest celestial object after the sun and moon and frequently appearing in the twilight sky as the evening or morning star.
3 (also venus, Venus shell, or (chiefly US) Venus clam) a burrowing marine bivalve mollusc with clearly defined growth lines on the shell.
Venus, Venerupis, and other genera, family Veneridae


Pronunciation: /vɪˈnjuːzɪən/

(also Venutian /vɪˈnjuːʃ(ə)n/) adjective & noun