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Pronunciation of Varnished: Learn how to pronounce Varnished in English correctly

Learn how to say Varnished correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word varnish:

[mass noun]
resin dissolved in a liquid for applying on wood, metal, or other materials to form a hard, clear, shiny surface when dry:
several coats of varnish
[count noun]:
the wood was stained with a dark varnish
short for nail varnish.
her fingernails were painted with pink varnish
[in singular] literary an external or superficially attractive appearance of a specific quality:
an outward varnish of civilization
[with object]
apply varnish to:
we stripped the floor and varnished it
[with object and complement]:
her toenails were varnished red



Middle English: from Old French vernis, from medieval Latin veronix ‘fragrant resin, sandarac’ or medieval Greek berenikÄ“, probably from Berenice, a town in Cyrenaica