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Pronunciation of Vamp: Learn how to pronounce Vamp in English correctly

Learn how to say Vamp correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word vamp:

1the upper front part of a boot or shoe:
heavy lace-ups with basket weave in the vamp
2(in jazz and popular music) a short, simple introductory passage, usually repeated several times until otherwise instructed:
the title track has an overlong vamp
1 [with object] (vamp something up) informal repair or improve something:
the production values have been vamped up
2 [no object] repeat a short, simple passage of music:
the band was vamping gently behind his busy lead guitar
3 [with object] attach a new upper to (a boot or shoe).

Middle English (denoting the foot of a stocking): shortening of Old French avantpie, from avant ‘before’ + pie ‘foot’. The musical sense of the verb developed from the general sense ‘improvise’