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Pronunciation of Valve: Learn how to pronounce Valve in English correctly

Learn how to say Valve correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word valve:


1a device for controlling the passage of fluid through a pipe or duct, especially an automatic device allowing movement in one direction only: a valve shuts off the flow from the boiler when the water is hot enough
Britishshort for thermionic valve.
Music a cylindrical mechanism in a brass instrument which, when depressed or turned, admits air into different sections of tubing and so extends the range of available notes.
Anatomy & Zoology a membranous fold in a hollow organ or tubular structure, such as a blood vessel or the digestive tract, which maintains the flow of the contents in one direction by closing in response to any pressure from reverse flow: the aortic valve

2 Zoology each of the halves of the hinged shell of a bivalve mollusc or brachiopod, or of the parts of the compound shell of a barnacle.
Botany each of the halves or sections into which a dry fruit (especially a pod or capsule) dehisces.


[in combination]: a branchiopod has a two-valved outer covering


late Middle English (denoting a leaf of a folding or double door): from Latin valva