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Pronunciation of Upstaged: Learn how to pronounce Upstaged in English correctly

Learn how to say Upstaged correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word upstage:

adverb & adjective
1at or towards the back of a theatre stage:
[as adverb]:
Hamlet turns to face upstage
[as adjective]:
an upstage exit
2 [as adjective] informal, dated superior; aloof:
this upstage reserve is rather ridiculous
1 [with object] divert attention from (someone) towards oneself:
they were totally upstaged by their co-star in the film
2(of an actor) move towards the back of a stage to make (another actor) face away from the audience:
when he tried to upstage her she sauntered down to the front of the stage: