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Pronunciation of Upsetting: Learn how to pronounce Upsetting in English correctly

Learn how to say Upsetting correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word upset:

Pronunciation: /ʌpˈsɛt/
(upsets, upsetting; past and past participle upset) [with object]
1make (someone) unhappy, disappointed, or worried:
the accusation upset her
(as adjective upsetting)
a painful and upsetting divorce
2knock (something) over:
he upset a tureen of soup
3cause disorder in; disrupt:
the dam will upset the ecological balance
disturb the digestion of (a person’s stomach):
the motion of the boat would upset his stomach
4 (often as noun upsetting) shorten and thicken the end or edge of (a metal bar, wheel rim, or other object), especially by hammering or pressure when heated.
Pronunciation: /ˈʌpsɛt/
1an unexpected result or situation:
the greatest upset in boxing history
2 [mass noun] the state of being unhappy, disappointed, or worried:
a legal dispute will cause worry and upset
3a disturbance of a person’s digestive system:
a stomach upset
1 /ʌpˈsɛt/ unhappy, disappointed, or worried:
she looked pale and upset
2 /ˈʌpsɛt/ (of a person’s stomach) having disturbed digestion, especially because of something eaten.

Pronunciation: /-ˈsɛtə/
Pronunciation: /-ˈsɛtɪŋli/