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Pronunciation of Unit: Learn how to pronounce Unit in English correctly

Learn how to say Unit correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word unit:

1an individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole:
large areas of land made up of smaller units
the sentence as a unit of grammar
the family unit
a self-contained section in a building or group of buildings:
one- and two-bedroom units
a department of an institution with a specific function:
the intensive-care unit
a subdivision of a larger military grouping:
he returned to Germany with his unit
a self-contained part of an educational course:
students take three compulsory core units
a single manufactured item:
[as modifier]:
unit cost
British the smallest measure of investment in a unit trust.
2a device that has a specified function, especially one forming part of a complex mechanism:
the gearbox and transmission unit
a piece of furniture or equipment for fitting with others like it or made of complementary parts:
a sink unit
US a police car:
he eased into his unit and flicked the siren on
3a quantity chosen as a standard in terms of which other quantities may be expressed:
a unit of measurement
fifty units of electricity
4the number one.
(units) the digit before the decimal point in decimal notation, representing an integer less than ten.

late 16th century (as a mathematical term): from Latin unus, probably suggested by digit