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Pronunciation of Twisted: Learn how to pronounce Twisted in English correctly

Learn how to say Twisted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word twisted:

having one end turned in the opposite direction to the other
having been distorted in shape by being hit or pushed ⇒ The car was left a mess of twisted metal.
distorted in shape due to strong or conflicting emotions
(physics) deformed by torsion, shear stress or strain
injured by being forced into an unnatural position ⇒ Rupert Moon is out of today’s session with a twisted knee.
(pejorative) if you describe a person as twisted, you dislike them because you think they are strange in an unpleasant way ⇒ The letter showed horribly clearly the workings of a twisted mind. ⇒ You’d have to be pretty twisted to find that funny.