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Pronunciation of Twist: Learn how to pronounce Twist in English correctly

Learn how to say Twist correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word twist:

to cause (one end or part) to turn or (of one end or part) to turn in the opposite direction from another; coil or spin
to distort or be distorted; change in shape
to wind or cause to wind; twine, coil, or intertwine ⇒ to twist flowers into a wreath
to force or be forced out of the natural form or position ⇒ to twist one’s ankle
(usually passive) to change or cause to change for the worse in character, meaning, etc; pervert ⇒ his ideas are twisted, she twisted the statement
to revolve or cause to revolve; rotate
(transitive) to wrench with a turning action ⇒ to twist something from someone’s grasp
(intransitive) to follow a winding course
(intransitive) to squirm, as with pain
(intransitive) to dance the twist
(transitive) (British, informal) to cheat; swindle
See twist someone’s arm
the act or an instance of twisting
something formed by or as if by twisting ⇒ a twist of hair
a decisive change of direction, aim, meaning, or character
(in a novel, play, etc) an unexpected event, revelation, or other development
a bend ⇒ a twist in the road
a distortion of the original or natural shape or form
a jerky pull, wrench, or turn
a strange personal characteristic, esp a bad one
a confused mess, tangle, or knot made by twisting
a twisted thread used in sewing where extra strength is needed
(in weaving) a specified direction of twisting the yarn
See the twist
a bread loaf or roll made of one or more pieces of twisted dough
a thin sliver of peel from a lemon, lime, etc, twisted and added to a drink
a cigar made by twisting three cigars around one another
chewing tobacco made in the form of a roll by twisting the leaves together
(physics) torsional deformation or shear stress or strain
(sport, mainly US & Canadian) spin given to a ball in various games, esp baseball
the extent to which the grooves in the bore of a rifled firearm are spiralled
See round the twist
Derived Forms
ˈtwistable adjective
ˌtwistaˈbility noun
ˈtwisted adjective
ˈtwisting adjective
ˈtwisty adjective