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Pronunciation of Twin: Learn how to pronounce Twin in English correctly

Learn how to say Twin correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word twin:

consisting of or being two separate but similar or closely related things; forming a pair; double; paired ⇒ twin beds
being one of a pair of such things; being a counterpart
being two offspring from the same pregnancy ⇒ twin girls
being either one of two offspring from the same pregnancy ⇒ a twin sister
either one of two offspring from the same pregnancy: twins are either identical (produced from the same ovum) or fraternal (produced from separate ova)
either one of two persons or things very much alike in appearance, shape, structure, etc.
a compound crystal of two crystals or parts having a common face but in reversed positions with respect to each other
intransitive verb
Word forms: twinned, ˈtwinning
to give birth to twins
to be paired or coupled (with another)
(archaic) to be born at the same birth
transitive verb
to give birth to as twins
to be or provide a counterpart to
to pair or couple