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Pronunciation of Turn-On: Learn how to pronounce Turn-On in English correctly

Learn how to say Turn-On correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word turn on:

(transitive, adverb) to cause (something) to operate by turning a knob, etc ⇒ to turn on the light
(intransitive, preposition) to depend or hinge on ⇒ the success of the party turns on you
(preposition) to change or cause to change one’s attitude so as to become hostile or to retaliate ⇒ the dog turned on the children
(transitive, adverb) (informal) to produce (charm, tears, etc) suddenly or automatically
(transitive, preposition,) foll by to (informal) to interest (someone) in something ⇒ how to turn kids on to drama
(transitive, adverb) (slang) to arouse emotionally or sexually
(intransitive, adverb) (slang) to take or become intoxicated by drugs
(transitive, adverb) (slang) to introduce (someone) to drugs
(slang) a person or thing that causes emotional or sexual arousal