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Pronunciation of Turn: Learn how to pronounce Turn in English correctly

Learn how to say Turn correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word turn:

to move or cause to move around an axis ⇒ a wheel turning, to turn a knob
(sometimes followed by round) to change or cause to change positions by moving through an arc of a circle ⇒ he turned the chair to face the light
to change or cause to change in course, direction, etc ⇒ he turned left at the main road
(of soldiers, ships, etc) to alter the direction of advance by changing direction simultaneously or (of a commander) to cause the direction of advance to be altered simultaneously
to go or pass to the other side of (a corner, etc)
to assume or cause to assume a rounded, curved, or folded form ⇒ the road turns here
to reverse or cause to reverse position
(transitive) to pass round (an enemy or enemy position) so as to attack it from the flank or rear ⇒ the Germans turned the Maginot line
(transitive) to perform or do by a rotating movement ⇒ to turn a somersault
(transitive) to shape or cut a thread in (a workpiece, esp one of metal, wood, or plastic) by rotating it on a lathe against a fixed cutting tool
when intr, foll by into or to to change or convert or be changed or converted ⇒ the alchemists tried to turn base metals into gold
(followed by into) to change or cause to change in nature, character, etc ⇒ the frog turned into a prince
(copula) to change so as to become ⇒ he turned nasty when he heard the price
to cause (foliage, etc) to change colour or (of foliage, etc) to change colour ⇒ frost turned the trees a vivid orange
to cause (milk, etc) to become rancid or sour or (of milk, etc) to become rancid or sour
to change or cause to change in subject, trend, etc ⇒ the conversation turned to fishing
to direct or apply or be directed or applied ⇒ he turned his attention to the problem
(intransitive) usually foll by to to appeal or apply (to) for help, advice, etc ⇒ she was very frightened and didn’t know where to turn
to reach, pass, or progress beyond in age, time, etc ⇒ she has just turned twenty
(transitive) to cause or allow to go ⇒ to turn an animal loose
to affect or be affected with nausea ⇒ the sight of the dead body turned his stomach
to affect or be affected with giddiness ⇒ my head is turning
(transitive) to affect the mental or emotional stability of (esp in the phrase turn (someone’s) head)
(transitive) to release from a container ⇒ she turned the fruit into a basin
(transitive) to render into another language
usually foll by against or from to transfer or reverse or cause to transfer or reverse (one’s loyalties, affections, etc)
(transitive) to cause (an enemy agent) to become a double agent working for one’s own side ⇒ the bureau turned some of the spies it had caught
(transitive) to bring (soil) from lower layers to the surface
to blunt (an edge) or (of an edge) to become blunted
(transitive) to give a graceful form to ⇒ to turn a compliment
(transitive) to reverse (a cuff, collar, etc) in order to hide the outer worn side
(intransitive) (US) to be merchandised as specified ⇒ shirts are turning well this week
(cricket) to spin (the ball) or (of the ball) to spin
See turn one’s hand to
See turn tail
See turn the tables on someone
See turn the tide
an act or instance of turning or the state of being turned or the material turned ⇒ a turn of a rope around a bollard
a movement of complete or partial rotation
a change or reversal of direction or position
direction or drift