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Pronunciation of Tunneling: Learn how to pronounce Tunneling in English correctly

Learn how to say Tunneling correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tunnel:

an underground passageway, esp one for trains or cars that passes under a mountain, river, or a congested urban area
any passage or channel through or under something
a dialect word for funnel
(obsolete) the flue of a chimney
-nels, -nelling, -nelled, (US) -nels, -neling, -neled
(transitive) to make or force (a way) through or under (something) ⇒ to tunnel a hole in the wall, to tunnel the cliff
(intransitive; followed by through, under, etc) to make or force a way (through or under something) ⇒ he tunnelled through the bracken
Derived Forms
ˈtunneller, (US) ˈtunneler noun
Word Origin
C15: from Old French tonel cask, from tonne tun, from Medieval Latin tonna barrel, of Celtic origin
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= passage, underpass, passageway, subway, channel, hole, shaft
= hole, burrow
= dig, dig your way, burrow, mine, bore, drill, excavate