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Pronunciation of Tuned: Learn how to pronounce Tuned in English correctly

Learn how to say Tuned correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tune:

(obsolete) a sound or tone
a succession of musical tones forming a rhythmic, catchy whole; melody; air
a musical setting of a hymn, psalm, poem, etc.
the condition of having correct musical pitch, or of being in key; also, harmony; agreement; concord (now used chiefly in the phrases in tune and out of tune) ⇒ a violin that is in tune, a person out of tune with the times
transitive verb
Word forms: tuned, ˈtuning
to adjust (a musical instrument) to some standard of pitch; put in tune
to adapt (music, the voice, etc.) to some pitch, tone, or mood
to adapt to some condition, mood, etc.; bring into harmony or agreement
(rare) to utter or express musically
to adjust (a system, motor, etc.) to the proper or desired condition or performance
to adjust (a radio or TV receiver) to a given frequency or channel