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Pronunciation of Tumbling: Learn how to pronounce Tumbling in English correctly

Learn how to say Tumbling correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tumble:

intransitive verb
Word forms: ╦łtumbled, ╦łtumbling
to do somersaults, handsprings, or similar acrobatic or gymnastic feats
to fall suddenly, clumsily, or helplessly
to fall or decline suddenly, as from power, high value, etc.
to come down in ruins; collapse
to stumble or trip
to toss about or roll around
to move, go, issue, etc. in a hasty, awkward, or disorderly manner
(informal) to have sudden awareness or understanding of some situation (with to)
transitive verb
to cause to tumble; make fall, overthrow, topple, roll over, etc.
to put into disorder by or as by tossing here and there; disarrange
to whirl in a tumbler (sense 10)
the act or an instance of tumbling (; specif.,)
a somersault, handspring, etc.
a fall or decline
a stumble
disorder; confusion
a confused heap