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Pronunciation of Tucking: Learn how to pronounce Tucking in English correctly

Learn how to say Tucking correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tuck:

(transitive) to push or fold into a small confined space or concealed place or between two surfaces ⇒ to tuck a letter into an envelope
(transitive) to thrust the loose ends or sides of (something) into a confining space, so as to make neat and secure ⇒ to tuck the sheets under the mattress
to make a tuck or tucks in (a garment)
(usually transitive) to draw together, contract, or pucker
a tucked object or part
a pleat or fold in a part of a garment, usually stitched down so as to make it a better fit or as decoration
the part of a vessel where the after ends of the planking or plating meet at the sternpost
an informal or schoolchild’s word for food, esp cakes and sweets
(as modifier) ⇒ a tuck box
a position of the body in certain dives in which the legs are bent with the knees drawn up against the chest and tightly clasped
See also
tuck away, tuck in
Word Origin
C14: from Old English tūcian to torment; related to Middle Dutch tucken to tug, Old High German zucchen to twitch