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Pronunciation of Trust Me: Learn how to pronounce Trust Me in English correctly

Learn how to say Trust Me correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word trust:

[mass noun]
1firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something:
relations have to be built on trust
they have been able to win the trust of the others
acceptance of the truth of a statement without evidence or investigation:
I used only primary sources, taking nothing on trust
the state of being responsible for someone or something:
a man in a position of trust
[count noun] literary a person or duty for which one has responsibility:
rulership is a trust from God
2 [count noun] Law an arrangement whereby a person (a trustee) holds property as its nominal owner for the good of one or more beneficiaries:
a trust was set up
[mass noun]:
the property is to be held in trust for his son
a body of trustees.
an organization or company managed by trustees:
a charitable trust
[in names]:
the National Trust
3 [count noun] US dated a large company that has or attempts to gain monopolistic control of a market.
4West Indian or archaic commercial credit:
my master lived on trust at an alehouse
5 [count noun] archaic a hope or expectation:
all the great trusts of womanhood
[with object]
1believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of:
I should never have trusted her
[with object and infinitive]:
he can be trusted to carry out an impartial investigation
(as adjective trusted)
a trusted adviser
(trust someone with) allow someone to have, use, or look after (someone or something of importance or value) with confidence:
I’d trust you with my life
(trust someone/thing to) commit someone or something to the safekeeping of:
they don’t like to trust their money to anyone outside the family
[with clause] have confidence; hope (used as a polite formula in conversation):
I trust that you have enjoyed this book
[no object] have faith or confidence:
she trusted in the powers of justice
[no object] (trust to) place reliance on (luck, fate, or chance):
I hurtled down the path, trusting to luck that I wouldn’t put a foot wrong
2 archaic allow credit to (a customer):
all persons are forbid to trust my wife, Sarah
not trust someone as far as one can throw them
informal not trust or hardly trust a particular person at all.
trust someone to ——
it is characteristic or predictable for someone to act in the specified way:
trust Sam to have all the inside information