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Pronunciation of Trumpeter: Learn how to pronounce Trumpeter in English correctly

Learn how to say Trumpeter correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word trumpeter:

1a person who plays a trumpet.
a cavalry or artillery soldier who gives signals with a trumpet.
2a large gregarious ground-dwelling bird of tropical South American forests, with mainly black plumage and loud trumpeting and booming calls.
Family Psophiidae and genus Psophia: three species
3a pigeon of a domestic breed that makes a trumpet-like sound.
4an edible marine fish with a spiny dorsal fin, found chiefly in cool Australasian waters and said to make a grunting or trumpeting sound when taken out of the water.
Family Latridae: several genera and species, including the Tasmanian trumpeter (Latris lineata), prized as food