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Pronunciation of Truer: Learn how to pronounce Truer in English correctly

Learn how to say Truer correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word true:

adjective (truer, truest)
1in accordance with fact or reality:
a true story
of course it’s true
that is not true of the people I am talking about
[attributive] rightly or strictly so called; genuine:
people are still willing to pay for true craftsmanship
we believe in true love
[attributive] real or actual:
he has guessed my true intentions
said when conceding a point:
true, the house faced north, but you got used to that
2accurate or exact:
it was a true depiction
(of a note) exactly in tune.
(of a compass bearing) measured relative to true north:
steer 085 degrees true
correctly positioned, balanced, or aligned; upright or level.
3loyal or faithful:
he was a true friend
(true to) accurately conforming to (a standard or expectation); faithful to:
this entirely new production remains true to the essence of Lorca’s play
4chiefly archaic honest:
we appeal to all good men and true to rally to us
1chiefly literary truly:
Hobson spoke truer than he knew
2accurately or without variation.
verb (trues, truing or trueing, trued)
[with object]
bring (an object, wheel, or other construction) into the exact shape or position required:
the bench sander is ideal for truing up faces of timber