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Pronunciation of Troubles: Learn how to pronounce Troubles in English correctly

Learn how to say Troubles correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word trouble:

[mass noun]
1difficulty or problems:
I had trouble finding somewhere to park
friends should support each other when they are in trouble
the government’s policies ran into trouble
[count noun]:
our troubles are just beginning
the malfunction of something such as a machine or a part of the body:
their helicopter developed engine trouble
effort or exertion made to do something, especially when inconvenient:
I wouldn’t want to put you to any trouble
he’s gone to a lot of trouble to help you
a cause of worry or inconvenience:
the kid had been no trouble up to now
a particular aspect of something regarded as unsatisfactory or as a source of difficulty:
that’s the trouble with capitalism
a situation in which one is liable to incur punishment or blame:
he’s been in trouble with the police
informal, dated used to refer to the condition of a pregnant unmarried woman:
she’s not the first girl who’s got herself into trouble
2public unrest or disorder:
there was crowd trouble before and during the match
(the Troubles) any of various periods of civil war or unrest in Ireland, especially in 1919–23 and (in Northern Ireland) since 1968.
[with object]
cause distress or anxiety to:
he was not troubled by doubts
[no object] (trouble about/over/with) be distressed or anxious about:
she was too concerned with her own feelings to trouble about Clare’s
cause (someone) pain:
my legs started to trouble me
cause (someone) inconvenience (typically used as a polite way of asking someone to do something):
sorry to trouble you
could I trouble you for a receipt?
[no object, with infinitive] make the effort required to do something:
oh, don’t trouble to answer

ask for trouble
informal act in a way that is likely to incur problems or difficulties:
hitching a lift is asking for trouble
look for trouble
informal behave in a way that is likely to provoke an argument or fight:
youths take a cocktail of drink and drugs before going out to look for trouble
trouble and strife
British rhyming slang wife.
a trouble shared is a trouble halved
proverb talking to someone else about one’s problems helps to alleviate them.