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Pronunciation of Trips: Learn how to pronounce Trips in English correctly

Learn how to say Trips correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word trip:

verb (trips, tripping, tripped)
1 [no object] catch one’s foot on something and stumble or fall:
he tripped over his cat
she tripped up during the penultimate lap
[with object] cause to stumble and fall:
she shot out her foot to trip him up
(trip up) make a mistake:
taxpayers often trip up by not declaring taxable income
[with object] (trip someone up) detect or expose someone in a mistake or inconsistency:
the man was determined to trip him up on his economics
2 [no object, with adverbial] walk, run, or dance with quick light steps:
they tripped up the terrace steps
(of words) flow lightly and easily:
a name which trips off the tongue
3 [with object] activate (a mechanism), especially by contact with a switch, catch, or other electrical device:
somebody tripped the alarm
[no object] (of part of an electric circuit) disconnect automatically as a safety measure:
the plugs will trip as soon as any change in current is detected
4 [with object] Nautical release and raise (an anchor) from the seabed by means of a cable.
turn (a yard or other object) from a horizontal to a vertical position for lowering.
5 [no object] informal experience hallucinations induced by taking a psychedelic drug, especially LSD:
a couple of boys were tripping
6 [no object, with adverbial of direction] go on a short journey:
when tripping through the Yukon take some time to explore our museums
1a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure:
Sammy’s gone on a school trip
a trip to America
the distance from start to finish of a race:
the dog clocked a tremendous 27.47 secs for the 450 metres trip
2a stumble or fall due to catching one’s foot on something:
trips and falls cause nearly half of all accidents
archaic a mistake:
an occasional trip in the performance
3 informal a hallucinatory experience caused by taking a psychedelic drug, especially LSD:
acid trips
an exciting or stimulating experience:
it was quite a trip talking to you
a self-indulgent attitude or activity:
I’m not sure if she really liked me or if I was just part of her power trip
4a device that activates or disconnects a mechanism, circuit, etc.:
[as modifier]:
a trip mechanism
5 archaic a light, lively movement of a person’s feet:
yonder comes Dalinda; I know her by her trip

trip the light fantastic
humorous dance, in particular engage in ballroom dancing.
[from ‘Trip it as you go On the light fantastic toe’ (Milton’s L’Allegro)]