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Pronunciation of Tries: Learn how to pronounce Tries in English correctly

Learn how to say Tries correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word try:

verb (tries, trying, tried)
1 [no object] make an attempt or effort to do something:
[with infinitive]:
he tried to regain his breath
I started to try and untangle the mystery
I decided to try writing fiction
[with object]:
three times he tried the manoeuvre and three times he failed
[with object] (also try something out) use, test, or do (something new or different) in order to see if it is suitable, effective, or pleasant:
everyone wanted to know if I’d tried jellied eel
these methods are tried and tested
(try for) attempt to achieve or attain:
they decided to try for another baby
(try out for) North American compete or audition for (a post or place on a team):
she tried out for the team
[with object] attempt to contact:
I’ve tried the apartment, but the number is engaged
[with object] push or pull (a door or window) to determine whether it is locked:
I tried the doors, but they were locked
[with object] make severe demands on (a person or a quality, typically patience):
Mary tried everyone’s patience to the limit
2 [with object] subject (someone) to trial:
he was arrested and tried for the murder
investigate and decide (a case or issue) in a formal trial:
the case is to be tried by a jury in the Crown Court
3 [with object] smooth (roughly planed wood) with a plane to give an accurately flat surface.
4 [with object] extract (oil or fat) by heating:
some of the fat may be tried out and used
noun (plural tries)
1an effort to accomplish something; an attempt:
he got his membership card on his third try
an act of trying something new or different to see if it is suitable, effective, or pleasant:
she agreed that they should give the idea a try
2 Rugby an act of touching the ball down behind the opposing goal line, scoring points and entitling the scoring side to a kick at goal.
American Football an attempt to score an extra point after a touchdown.