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Pronunciation of Triage: Learn how to pronounce Triage in English correctly

Learn how to say Triage correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word triage:

[mass noun]
(in medical use) the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties:
[as modifier]:
a triage nurse
the process of determining the most important people or things from amongst a large number that require attention:
a system of educational triage that allows a few students to get help while the needs of others are neglected
[with object]
decide the order of treatment of (patients or casualties):
victims were triaged by paramedics before being transported to hospitals

early 18th century (in the sense ‘the action of sorting items according to quality’): from French, from trier ‘separate out’. The current sense dates from the 1930s, from the military system of assessing the wounded on the battlefield