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Pronunciation of Triad: Learn how to pronounce Triad in English correctly

Learn how to say Triad correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word triad:

1a group or set of three related people or things:
the triad of medication, diet, and exercise are necessary in diabetes care
a chord of three musical notes, consisting of a given note with the third and fifth above it.
a Welsh form of literary composition with an arrangement of subjects or statements in groups of three.
2 (also Triad) a secret society originating in China, typically involved in organized crime.
a member of a Triad.

Pronunciation: /-ˈadɪk/
sense 1.

mid 16th century: from French triade, or via late Latin from Greek trias, triad-, from treis ‘three’. Sense 2 is a translation of Chinese San Ho Hui, literally ‘three unite society’, i.e. ‘triple union society’, said to mean ‘the union of Heaven, Earth, and Man’