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Pronunciation of Treading: Learn how to pronounce Treading in English correctly

Learn how to say Treading correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tread:

verb (past trod /trɒd/; past participle trodden /ˈtrɒd(ə)n/ or trod)
[no object, with adverbial]
walk in a specified way:
Rosa trod as lightly as she could
the government had to tread carefully so as not to offend the judiciary
(tread on) chiefly British set one’s foot down on top of:
the youth stumbled and trod on Harry’s shoe
[with object] walk on or along:
shoppers will soon be treading the floors of the new shopping mall
[with object and adverbial] press down or crush with the feet:
food had been trodden into the carpet
1 [in singular] a person’s manner of walking or the sound made as they walk:
I heard the heavy tread of Dad’s boots
2 (also tread board) the top surface of a step or stair.
3the thick moulded part of a vehicle tyre that grips the road.
the part of a wheel that touches the ground or a rail.
the upper surface of a railway track, in contact with the wheels.
4the part of the sole of a shoe that rests on the ground.