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Pronunciation of Trashing: Learn how to pronounce Trashing in English correctly

Learn how to say Trashing correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word trash:

[mass noun]
1chiefly North American waste material; refuse:
the subway entrance was blocked with trash
cultural items, ideas, or objects of poor quality:
if they read at all, they read trash
2North American a person or people regarded as being of very low social standing:
clubs patronized by rock trash
3 (also cane trash) West Indian the leaves, tops, and crushed stems of sugar cane, used as fuel.
[with object]
1 informal, chiefly North American damage or destroy:
my apartment’s been totally trashed
Computing kill (a file or process) or wipe (a disk):
she almost trashed the email window
2 informal, chiefly North American criticize severely:
trade associations trashed the legislation as deficient
3 (as adjective trashed) informal intoxicated with alcohol or drugs:
there was booze, but nobody really got trashed
4strip (sugar canes) of their outer leaves to ripen them faster.

late Middle English: of unknown origin. The verb is first recorded (mid 18th century) in sense 4 of the verb; the other senses have arisen in the 20th century