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Pronunciation of Transplanted: Learn how to pronounce Transplanted in English correctly

Learn how to say Transplanted correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word transplant:

Pronunciation: /transˈplɑːnt, trɑːns-, -nz-/
[with object]
1move or transfer (someone or something) to another place or situation:
it was proposed to transplant the club to the vacant site
(as adjective transplanted)
she’s a transplanted New Yorker
replant (a plant) in another place:
lift and transplant bulbs when they are becoming overcrowded
2take (living tissue or an organ) and implant it in another part of the body or in another body:
a kidney was transplanted from one identical twin to another
(as adjective transplanted)
the rejection of transplanted organs
Pronunciation: /ˈtransplɑːnt, ˈtrɑːns-, -nz-/
1an operation in which an organ or tissue is transplanted:
a heart transplant
[mass noun]:
kidneys available for transplant
an organ or tissue which is transplanted:
a drug to prevent the body rejecting bone marrow transplants
2a person or thing that has been moved to a new place or situation:
both old-time residents and new transplants have deep loyalty to their community
the trees were bare-rooted transplants