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Pronunciation of Think: Learn how to pronounce Think in English correctly

Learn how to say Think correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word think:

verb (past and past participle thought /θɔːt/)
1 [with clause] have a particular belief or idea:
she thought that nothing would be the same again
(be thought)
it’s thought he may have collapsed from shock
[with infinitive]:
up to 300 people were thought to have died
used in questions to express anger or surprise:
what do you think you’re doing?
(I think) used in speech to reduce the force of a statement, or to politely suggest or refuse something:
I thought we could go out for a meal
2 [no object] direct one’s mind towards someone or something; use one’s mind actively to form connected ideas:
he was thinking about Colin
Jack thought for a moment
[with object]:
any writer who so rarely produces a book is not thinking deep thoughts
have a particular mental attitude or approach:
he thought like a general
[with complement]:
one should always think positive
(think of/about) take into consideration when deciding on a possible action:
you can live how you like, but there’s the children to think about
(think of) call to mind:
lemon thyme is a natural pair with any chicken dish you can think of
(think of/about) consider the possibility or advantages of (a course of action):
he was thinking of becoming a zoologist
(think to do something) have sufficient foresight or awareness to do something:
I hadn’t thought to warn Rachel about him
imagine or expect (an actual or possible situation):
think of being paid a salary to hunt big game!
[with clause]:
I never thought we’d raise so much money
(think oneself into) imagine what it would be like to be in (a position or role):
she tried to think herself into the part of Peter’s fiancée
3 [no object] (think of) have a specified opinion of:
she did not think highly of modern art
what would John think of her?
I think of him as a friend
[in singular] informal
an act of thinking:
I went for a walk to have a think