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Pronunciation of Tea: Learn how to pronounce Tea in English correctly

Learn how to say Tea correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tea:

[mass noun]
1a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water:
Katherine sipped her tea
the dried leaves used to make tea:
tea from India and Ceylon
[count noun]:
tea bags containing teas from selected estates
[usually with modifier] a drink made from the infused leaves, fruits, or flowers of plants other than tea:
herbal tea
[count noun]:
fruit teas
West Indian any hot drink, for example, coffee or cocoa.
2 (also tea plant) the evergreen shrub or small tree which produces tea leaves, native to southern and eastern Asia and grown as a major cash crop.
Camellia sinensis, family Theaceae
3chiefly British a light afternoon meal consisting typically of tea to drink, sandwiches, and cakes:
they were about to take afternoon tea
[count noun]:
picnic teas
British a cooked evening meal:
fish and chips for tea
[count noun]:
the food was nothing like the teas his wife cooked
See also high tea.
West Indian breakfast, typically consisting of a hot drink and bread.
verb (teas, teaing, teaed or tea’d /tiːd/)
[no object, with adverbial] archaic
drink tea or take afternoon tea:
I teaed with Professor Herron
not for all the tea in China
informal there is nothing at all that could induce one to do something:
I wouldn’t do that girl’s job—not for all the tea in China
tea and sympathy
informal kind and attentive behaviour towards someone who is upset or in trouble:
they need a plan of action rather than tea and sympathy
mid 17th century: probably via Malay from Chinese (Min dialect) te; related to Mandarin chá. Compare with char3