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Pronunciation of Taper: Learn how to pronounce Taper in English correctly

Learn how to say Taper correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word taper:

diminish or reduce in thickness towards one end:
[no object]:
the tail tapers to a rounded tip
[with object]:
David asked my dressmaker to taper his trousers
(as adjective tapering)
the five tapering fingers of her hand
[no object] (taper off) gradually lessen:
the impact of the dollar’s depreciation started to taper off
1a slender candle:
he lit the tapers in the silver candelabra
a wick coated with wax, used for conveying a flame.
2a gradual narrowing:
the strong taper of her back
[mass noun]:
a small degree of taper
Old English (denoting any wax candle), dissimilated form (by alteration of p- to t-) of Latin papyrus (see papyrus), the pith of which was used for candle wicks