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Pronunciation of Tallest: Learn how to pronounce Tallest in English correctly

Learn how to say Tallest correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word tall:

of great or more than average height, especially (with reference to an object) relative to width:
a tall, broad-shouldered man
a tall glass of iced tea
(after a measurement and in questions) measuring a specified distance from top to bottom:
he was over six feet tall
how tall are you?

a tall order
an unreasonable or difficult demand:
they thought that the deadline was a tall order
a tall story (or tale)
an account that is fanciful and difficult to believe:
he would regale me with some of his tall stories
walk (or stand) tall
be proud and confident:
stop wishing that you were somehow different—start to walk tall!


late Middle English: probably from Old English getæl ‘swift, prompt’. Early senses also included ‘fine, handsome’ and ‘bold, strong, good at fighting’