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Pronunciation of Talk: Learn how to pronounce Talk in English correctly

Learn how to say Talk correctly in English with this tutorial pronunciation video.

Oxford dictionary definition of the word talk:

[no object]
1speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings; converse or communicate by spoken words:
the two men talked
we’d sit and talk about jazz
it was no use talking to Anthony
[with object]:
you’re talking rubbish
have the power of speech:
he can talk as well as you or I can
discuss personal or intimate feelings:
we need to talk, Maggie
[with object and adverbial] persuade or cause (someone) to do something by talking:
don’t try to talk me into acting as a go-between
[with object] (be talking) informal used to emphasize the seriousness, importance, or extent of the thing one is discussing:
we’re talking big money
reveal secret or confidential information:
dead men can’t talk
you’ll have the whole school talking
2have formal dealings or discussions; negotiate:
they won’t talk to the regime that killed their families
3 [with object] use (a particular language) in speech:
we were talking German
1 [mass noun] communication by spoken words; conversation or discussion:
there was a slight but noticeable lull in the talk
[count noun] a period of conversation or discussion, especially a relatively serious one:
my mother had a talk with Louis
rumour, gossip, or speculation:
there is talk of an armistice
empty promises or boasting:
he’s all talk
(the talk of) a current subject of widespread gossip or speculation in (a particular place):
within days I was the talk of the town


you can’t (or can) talk (US you shouldn’t or should talk)
informal used to convey that a criticism made applies equally well to the person who has made it:
‘He’d chase anything in a skirt!’ ‘You can’t talk!’
don’t talk to me about ——
informal said in protest when someone introduces a subject of which the speaker has had bitter personal experience:
don’t talk to me about credit cards—I just got the bill for my Christmas excesses today!
know what one is talking about
be expert or authoritative on a particular subject:
I know what I’m talking about—I’ve built up three businesses from scratch
look (or hark) who’s talking
another way of saying .
talk a blue streak
see blue1.
talk about ——!
informal used to emphasize that something is an extreme or striking example of a particular situation, state, or experience:
talk about hangovers!
talk dirty
see dirty.
talk the hind leg off a donkey
British informal talk incessantly:
he could talk the hind leg off a donkey without ever letting you know what was in his mind
talk nineteen to the dozen
see dozen.
talk of the devil
see devil.
talk sense into
persuade (someone) to behave more sensibly:
just as well she’s coming; she might be able to talk some sense into you
talk shop
see shop.
talk through one’s hat (or British arse or backside or US ass)
informal talk foolishly, wildly, or ignorantly:
come on, you’re talking through your hat on that
talk the talk
informal speak fluently or convincingly about something or in a way intended to please or impress others:
we may not look like true rock jocks yet, but we talk the talk
talk turkey
see turkey.
Phrasal Verbs

talk at
address (someone) in a hectoring or self-important way without listening to their replies:
he never talked at you
talk back
reply defiantly or insolently:
all children talk back and act up from time to time
he was always talking back to Dad about chores
talk down to
speak patronizingly or condescendingly to:
there’s an art to informing people without talking down or pandering to them
talk something out
British (in Parliament) block the course of a bill by prolonging discussion to the time of adjournment.
talk someone out of
persuade someone not to do (something unwise).
talk someone round (or US around)
bring someone to a particular point of view by talking:
you could never talk him round, he was very decided
talk someone through
enable someone to perform (a task) by giving them continuous instruction:
the two presenters talk you through hanging different types of paper
talk something over (or through)
discuss something thoroughly:
Collins wanted to talk over our arrangements for doing the work
he needed to spend time talking through his feelings
talk to
reprimand or scold (someone):
someone will have to talk to Lily
talk someone/thing up (or down)
discuss someone or something in a way that makes them seem more (or less) interesting or attractive:
he is talking up the company to stock analysts
he has become feted by the fashionable and been talked up generally


Middle English: frequentative verb from the Germanic base of tale or tell1